Sales Reporting:
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Make Sure Consumers Find Your Products
  • Selling on Amazon is mainly about data mining and selecting the right sales tools.
  • In general, you must distinguish between two types of sales campaigns: Price promotions, which generate immediate sales, and keywords purchasing, which creates better visibility.
  • Selecting the right sales tools and running successful campaigns is a combination between big data, know-how and hard work.
Know the Size of the Store Where Your Products are Sold on Amazon
Know the Size of the Store Where Your Products are Sold
  • You would never put an expensive promotional display into a small store with no visitors. On Amazon the same rules apply.
  • Don’t waste your energy and money in slow-moving categories.
  • On a monthly basis, we analyze which subcategories are worth running promotions in, taking into account seasonality and sales potential.
Are Your Products on the Top Shelf, or Hidden in the Corner?
  • Each product on Amazon has a life cycle. Newly listed products need different promotions from bestsellers.
  • We continuously analyze product ranking data to propose appropriate promotions for your products. All of your products are classified as either champions, low-hanging fruit or hidden champions.
  • Don’t waste money running AMS campaigns for products that already come up on the first page of search results. There are different tools available for driving sales of these products.
Are Your Products on the Top Shelf, or Hidden in the Corner?

Are Your Products on Display?

  • Just like in offline retail, it is useless to run a promotion if the product is not on display.
  • Otherwise you promote products where Amazon doesn’t have the buybox.
  • Before running any promotion for you, we check all these data in Vendor Central in order to optimize your campaigns:
Is Your Product in Stock?
Does Amazon Have the Right Margin?
Does Amazon Offer the Best Price?

Brand STORE: Your Private Showroom on Amazon

  • At last, a brand store on Amazon that consumers can easily access through headline search!
  • But be prepared and have the necessary budget to run headline search campaigns all year, so that consumers can access your brand shop landing page.
  • Together with your marketing department, we build your brand store for you.
Amazon Brand Stores
Put Your Products in the Right Spot on the Shelf
Amazon Headline Search
Create An In-Store Display Through Headline Search
  • Headline search is a powerful tool enabling you to regroup several products by buying only one keyword.
  • But you must put the right, attractive products on the banner, otherwise the consumer will not click on it and you will have wasted your efforts.
  • The ease of implementation also makes headline search a preferred tool of your competitors. Therefore, it can become quite expensive.
Drive Sales on Amazon with Sponsored Products
Drive Sales with Sponsored Products
  • Sponsored products are a very powerful marketing tool, as consumers very often don’t identify it as advertising.
  • We consider this tool mainly for new products or for hidden champions which would not otherwise make it onto the first page of search results.
  • Implementation is a lot of work as you must set up a campaign for each ASIN. Therefore, there is less competition and your budget doesn’t get hit so hard.
Reach Amazon Core Customers with Product Display Ads
Reach Core Customers with Product Display Ads
  • Product display ads are good for attracting customers who are already engaged with a particular category.
  • You can choose to display your ads to specific interest groups or on specific product pages.
  • We recommend placing ads on similar or complementary product pages to alert customers' attention to your product/brand.
Selecting Campaign Keywords
Choosing Keywords
Keywords are crucial to success. Too generic and your campaign becomes very expensive, too specific and nobody uses them!
Keyword Guru
Our self-developed "Keyword Guru" tool proposes the right mix of keywords adapted to your products.
Pan-European Know-How
We run thousands of campaigns every month across the whole of Europe. This collective know-how benefits all our customers.
Vouchers and Deals
Don't Underestimate the Power of Vouchers on Amazon
Don't Underestimate the Power of Vouchers
  • It's all about traffic. The vouchers page has become one of the most popular pages on Amazon.
  • Vouchers create visibility for your products at a very low cost. These views also improve your results in normal product search.
  • Your general pricing strategy is not disturbed. The voucher price reduction is not noticed by price comparison web sites.

Deals, Deals, Deals!

  • The Deals page is the second most visited page on Amazon after the homepage. Participating in deals is a must for anyone who wants to be successful on Amazon.
  • Deals serve two main purposes: to drive sales and defend your champions against competitors.
  • Together we define which deals best fit your Amazon strategy and current Amazon business.
Amazon Special Sales Events - Cyber Monday, Black Friday...
Special Events
  • Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Easter Deals, etc. Amazon creates more and more special promotion periods, which are very popular with consumers.
  • These Deals generate high volumes traffic on the Amazon platform and your participation is highly encouraged by your Vendor Manager.
  • They are great opportunities to push your champions and to generate significant revenues.
  • As they come with a high price reduction, select your products carefully.
Amazon Lightning Deals
Lightning Deals
  • Be present during 6 hours with an attractive offer on the most visited page of Amazon.
  • These deals are accessible all year round and besides generating higher revenues they help you defend your champions and low hanging fruits against your competitors.
  • You can access these deals through the VSS (Vendor Self Services) section.
  • In order for your products to qualify, you must have a price reduction of at least 20%.
Amazon Savings and Sales
Savings & Sales
  • For 14 days your products are presented on one of the most visited pages of Amazon.
  • These deals generate high visibility, traffic and clicks. They help you build your business.
  • We specifically recommend this tool to push your low hanging fruits and your hidden champions.
  • You can define these deals yourself through VSS. Qualification criteria are at approx. 15% price reduction.