10 Steps to Success
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How Do We Double Your Revenues?
  • Starting with a kickoff meeting, we get training on your products. Then several teams work in parallel:
  • Our multilingual Content team, our Product Listing team and our Imaging Department take care of steps 1 to 6 in close cooperation with your marketing department.
  • In parallel, our Sales team starts digging into your numbers, makes proposals to your sales department and together we agree on budgets. Then all is ready for steps 7 to 10.
10 Steps to Success
Amazon product listing
Product Listing
  • Everything starts with product listing.
  • It's important to fill out upload sheets correctly to make sure your products are displayed on the right shelf (category and subcategory) and have all the necessary attributes to make them easy for customers to find.
  • Attributes are like filters help the consumer to narrow down their choices by simply clicking on predefined criteria.
Amazon product listing
Amazon optimized pictures
Would You Reserve a Hotel Room with Only One Photo?
  • A picture is worth a thousand words -- or in this case 1,000 clicks. Your photo gallery on Amazon sells as much as your text.
  • Photos create confidence in your product and affect consumers on an emotional level, which has a big impact on conversion rate.
  • Photos must depict the product accurately and give the consumer a clear understanding of what they will receive. Don't deceive the consumer!
  • To convince consumers that your product is the right one for them, we recommend having a mix of lifestyle photos and detailed product images.
Amazon optimized pictures
Amazon optimized title
3 Seconds to Sell
  • Product titles on Amazon are similar to packaging on the supermarket shelf and just as important.
  • To grab consumers' attention, your title must include your brand and explain how your product is used and its key aspects -- not just the model name.
  • Titles are also important for AMS campaigns as a relevance factor, making sure your products match customers' needs.
Amazon optimized title
Amazon optimized bullet points
Tell Your Product's Story
  • Bullet points are great for telling consumers what they need to know in order to make a purchasing decision. They tell the story of your product.
  • We use the five bullet points to cover all the information that is important to consumers.
  • These include: your product's target audience, how it can be used, special features, technical information, installation or maintenance and full package content.
Amazon optimized bullet points
Amazon optimized A+ pages
Build Trust by Showing Competence

Successful A+ content has three objectives:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Giving the consumer guide to help them select the right product -- one that suits their needs
  • Showcasing your product in more detail and giving detailed information
Amazon optimized A+ pages
Amazon A+ Cross selling tables
A+ Content with Cross-selling table
  • A+ pages are a great way to give customers more information about your products, but they also give you the ability to upsell, either by presenting products within the same range or by linking to complementary products.
  • For example, you can cross-sell tennis balls, tennis shoes and shorts to a customer looking at a tennis racket.
  • Use A+ tables to boost sales across your entire catalogue.
Amazon A+ Cross selling tables
Amazon Marketing Services
AMS Campaigns
  • Once your product content has been optimized, you have to make sure customers can find them amongst the millions of products available on Amazon.
  • There is no better way than to do this with AMS campaigns.
  • Using Amazon's pay-per-click platform, you can setup campaigns and optimize your budget to increase the visibility of your products and boost sales.
Amazon Marketing Services
Amazon Vouchers & Coupons
  • Vouchers are price discount deals that also enable you to increase the visibility of your products.
  • Vouchers should be used to accompany a product launch, making it visible on the Deals page, which is one of the most visited pages on Amazon.
  • Vouchers are relatively inexpensive and can be launched at the same time you are running AMS campaigns to give your products the best chance to succeed.
Amazon Vouchers & Coupons
Amazon Deals
Vendor Central Self-Service Deals
  • Amazon gives you the option to create self-service deals throughout the year.
  • These deals can vary in duration and also in visibility, depending where they are displayed on the Deals page.
  • Deals are a highly effective way of increasing sales for all your products, from bestsellers that need to remain competitive to new products that need help getting off to a strong start.
Amazon Deals
Amazon Special Sales Events - Cyber Monday, Black Friday...
Special Amazon Event
  • Prime Day, Easter Deals, Cyber Monday Week, Black Friday... these are just a few of the events that Amazon runs throughout the year.
  • These events drive huge traffic to Amazon and are a great time to run Deals and AMS campaigns, to benefit from increased traffic.
Amazon Special Sales Events - Cyber Monday, Black Friday...
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